Can Rínxols: The Kennel

On the afternoon of June 29, 2004, a happy, playful black hair ball, that changed my life thereafter, came into my life. It was Dot!!

I must admit that until that day I did not know how a spanish water dog looks like. But gradually, Dot, so I decided to call my new partner,  taught me what a spanish water dog is, what its needs is and what  it is able to do. On those days I was living in a 80 meters square apartment in Barcelona.
My parents and grandparents had got dogs (Quioba, Tron, Duc, Beda, Blackie, Linda...) but he, Dot, was my first own dog. And so, we were together all stages of a dog and a  novice master: broken socks, learning to bring the ball, the disappearing burgers ... and a Spanish Water Dog stages: I don't want to eat, I don't know this man and I don't want him to touch me, learning to swim and going up the pool with the ladder...

We also learned that means having a Spanish breed dog, which is the pedigree and confirmation. And through the breed confirmation, we started to be involved in to the dogs expositions. And Dot was not only Dot, then he also was Joc de Can Llosses.

Furthermore, we began to meet at forums more friends that had spanish water dog and we got together for meetups, to talk and to listen about the spanish water dog. We found that most Spanish spaniels have the same tone of barking, we talk about about hair cuts, shampoo, food and places to go swimming, and also things that are not so fun as dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy (PRA), hypothyroidism...
And in early 2010 the idea of ​​increasing the family was around my mind and to do something serious. Dot became Catalonia  beauty champion later this year and international champion too. And after document myself and look for a spanish water dog from a professional and serious breeder, with a bloodline that will suit my philosophy, Dash (Concurrido Serranía Solana)arrived at home on December of that year, from Finland, .

And with a fixed idea of doing something serious from a family model, we registered as breeders in the FCI record as "Can Rinxols".
Spanish water dog breeder at Barcelona/
Perros de agua español en Barcelona